Waste contaminated with PCB’s

Waste containing PCB’s are categorised in the following waste codes:

  • 16 02 09* – transformers and capacitors containing PCBs
  • 13 03 01* – insulating or heat transmission oils containing PCBs
  • 16 02 10* - oil switches containing PCBs.

Way of conduct

Capacitors containing PCBs are reloaded to special bath containers labelled according to ADR regulations. The poles of capacitors are joined with the use of copper wire in order to eliminate contingent discharge of accumulated charge.

After precise weighing of waste the waste generator receives a waste transfer document.

Waste prepared this way is delivered to the INTEREKO transfer station by truck.
Waste containing PCBs is transported to Belgium where it is thermally treated.

After waste treatment Intereko provides the Customer with the statement confirming the dispatch of waste and export to Belgium, as well as the certificate confirming waste thermal treatment.