Liquidation of buildings and storehouses with hazardous waste

Our company is widely experiences in liquidation of various kinds of buildings and storehouses with hazardous waste.

Selected examples:


The liquidation of burial bunkers containing hazardous waste in form of outdated plant protection agents, chemicals, medicines and other waste from refurbishment and demolition and containing hazardous waste located on the premises of projected waste treatment plant in Gdansk-Szadolki was executed between 01.04.2009 and 28.05.2009. The entire task was covering excavation, repacking, transport and treatment of approximately 3 thousand tons of waste.


Our company has also completed an order under the name “Removal and treatment of waste of unknown origin” for the Municipal Office in Zabrze. The scope of works was within loading and transport of chemicals, preparation of waste for treatment and the treatment of waste. The entire task covering the order was accomplished within the following dates: 08.01.2008 – 20.05.2008.

Zabkowice Slaskie

In April 2006 Zabkowice Slaskie Municipality announced a public tender for "Transport and treatment of galvanic waste from the area of former brick manufacturing company at Glowackiego Street in Zabkowice Slaskie". Five participants joined the tender. Przedsiebiorstwo Ekologiczne Intereko Sp. z o.o. in consortium with Zaklad Unieszkodliwienia Odpadow (Waste Treatment Plant) from Konin won the tender.The waste was stored in former brick manufacturing company for 15 years. Przedsiebiorstwo Ekologiczne Intereko Sp. z o.o. together with Zaklad Unieszkodliwiania Odpadow in Konin collected the 1,5 thousand tones of hazardous waste in a fast and effective way. The works were started on July 24th, 2006 and they were finished by signing a protocol of execution of works regarding collection of galvanic waste on September 27th, 2006.

Liquidation of waste in PGNiG

Realisation of task announced by PGNiG in form of tender for "Utilisation of waste from coke-gas desulphurisation deposited in ex-gas transfer plant in Radlin with their previous output and transport for final treatment” was finalised on March, 31st 2006 . The task was executed according to work schedule.

Liquidation of waste in centre of Cracow

In October 2005 the Voivodship Office in Cracow announced a call for tender for disposal and treatment of hazardous waste (incl. PCBs and pesticides) stored by Eko-Krak Company in warehouses located in Romanowicz Street in Cracow. Przedsiebiorstwo Ekologiczne INTEREKO Sp. z o.o. won the tender and in November 2005 removed over 120 tons of waste of a high hazard rate. Waste was stored in Cracow city-centre on the Vistula River close to residential quarters. Eko-Krak Company stopped its activity in 2002 and left in disorder and without any protection barrels filled with very hazardous unrecognised substances containing among others PCBs and pesticides.

The action was very difficult due to the closeness of residential quarters and due to unrecognised source of barrels' content. The action that lasted 2 weeks was accompanied by voivodship environmental protection services and the police as well as a Rescue-Extinguishing Unit number 1 specialised in chemical salvage. Jacek Ambrozkiewicz, the commander of the Unit no 1 evaluated the action as executed very professionally and stated that their intervention was not necessary.