Collection of industrial waste

Intereko Sp. z o.o. provides services in the following scope:

  • collection, transport, handling and storage of industrial waste, including hazardous waste with the purpose of transferring it for final treatment,
  • management of various waste streams,
  • export of waste contaminated with PCB’s,
  • liquidation of burial areas and storehouses with pesticides.

We collect various kinds of waste, among others:

  • lead batteries with electrolyte
  • mercury fluorescent lamps and high-pressure lamps
  • solvents, paints, varnishes
  • after-galvanic waste
  • waste containing asbestos
  • wiking cloths, filters, sorbents, filtering mats
  • waste from processing metals
  • chemical reagents
  • plastic, rubber
  • electronic equipment, i.e. computers, screens etc.
  • waste containing PCB’s
  • pesticides

The process includes:

  • collection of waste from waste generators in 200 l barrels, 1000 l containers or on pallets,
  • transport with the use of trucks to the transfer station in Opole,
  • weighing the waste,
  • labeling the containers with information on the kind of waste, waste generator, collection date,
  • storing individual kinds of waste in separated storing sectors,
  • transport of separate waste groups to their final recipient (for landfilling, incineration, cementing, physico-chemical treatment), including waste export.