Burial areas

Within this activity Intereko Sp. z o.o. carries out various projects, among others deals with liquidation of untypical hazardous waste stockpiles. Part of the sanitation works covers liquidation of so called burial areas, in which in the ’70 and ’80 outdated plant protection agents, their packaging and often veterinary products were deposited. In vast majority they are chemical compounds and substances of I and II lass of toxicity, dangerous for people and environment. Most of them were situated randomly – in vicinity of potable water intakes, close to buildings, forest and water lands. Tests of groundwater plenty of times show the migration of chemicals deposited in them to the ground and groundwater.

Our works consist in excavation, loading, repacking and transport of waste generated during the liquidation of burial areas and ground remediation.

Area remediation

Area remediation after liquidation of burial area consists of filling in the excavations with the clean soil. Next the area is covered with grass or greenery according to the area conditions. Such way of remediation is usually practiced when the environment was not permanently contaminated by the bunker.

In case the environment was contaminated in a way not enabling to be eliminated by removal of contaminated soil, the area is remediated in a way determined in decision of the appropriate body of environmental protection with its scope and conditions of remediation, according to paragraph 106 of Environmental Protection Act.

Our clients in these projects were among others:

  • Hydrobudowa Polska S.A.
  • Forest District Office Kaliska
  • District Office in Belchatow
  • Municipal Council in Ryman
  • Municipal Council in Kluczbork
  • Municipal Council in Cieszyn